“Most importantly, she put together a wedding that beat our own visions of our wedding space."

- david & lena

    Her warmth, creativity, understanding of the business, and experience make her the best of the best. 

When I was first looking for a wedding planner, I was immediately drawn to Tara because she was the only person who wanted our initial talk to be over FaceTime instead of just a phone call so we could connect even more. From our first conversation, Tara was absolutely amazing. She was so knowledgeable and asked such important questions while we were looking for a venue.

I experienced family emergencies during my wedding planning process, and Tara was so wonderful with dealing with vendors and making sure we were on track to get everything done but also giving me space to deal with personal matters, as well. On the day of the wedding, I woke up calm and excited. I had zero worries about anything, and that’s because I fully trusted Tara to take care of it all. As someone who is extremely organized and detail-oriented, I was so relieved to feel comfortable to fully give all of the day’s responsibility and planning to Tara. She made my wedding absolutely perfect. I feel so blessed to have met Tara and have had her with me throughout the entire process. Every single vendor she suggested was fabulous and I am so happy to say there wasn’t one thing I’d change about my wedding day. I can confidently say that any wedding or event that Tara is part of will be beautiful, easy, and a great experience. Tara is a fabulous wedding planner because of her organization, network, attention to detail, and ability to get things done. But above that, Tara is my lifelong friend because of her compassionate personality, love, and understanding. I can’t recommend her enough!

- chynna & bryan

She went above and beyond, not just on our wedding day, but from the moment we had our first call with her! There is so much she did behind the scenes and there are countless things we are grateful to have had her supporting us. Planning a wedding during COVID was a nightmare, and somehow she made it fun for us. Tara is very professional, easy to work with, incredibly flexible, and caring. Her demeanor is calm, cool, and collected - she kept everyone grounded and stress-free. She gave us a dream day that we will never forget. Do not hesitate to book her- we will recommend her to everyone. Thank you will never be enough!

“Tara is the only reason we were able to pull off a wedding in 2020.”

- larry & sydney

"Danielle was my lifeline throughout our wedding planning! Not for  even a second did she falter from being upbeat and just having an amazing attitude. All you brides out there, your life during your wedding planning will improve by a million percent of you hire Tara Marie Events. I can attest to that!

- celina & david

We had a destination wedding in Las Vegas from Arkansas. I was warned over and over that I was going to hate wedding planning, and that it would be stressful, and that I'd be glad when it was over. I can honestly say that Tara made our wedding none of those things. I was not stressed at all, and I was so sad when it was over. Tara took care of literally everything. She was incredibly creative and everything from the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception was gorgeous. I have zero complaints and our wedding went off without a hitch. Work with Tara. You will not regret it!

“Tara knows all the best vendors and made the whole planning process too easy.”

- roxane & Dane

“Make this your first call if you are planning on getting married in Las Vegas.”

This is who you need to have on your team. Tara was excellent and our wedding could not have gone any better. Over the 9 or 10 month process we got to know Tara and consider her a friend. With every wedding there were some stressful moments leading up to the big day but my wife and I didn't have to worry because we knew Tara and her team would make sure everything went off without a hitch.

- liam & rachel

“The day of, Danielle just blew me away...everything fell into place so that we could just enjoy our day.”

- whitney & sean

With moving our wedding due to COVID to having to change venues all together, Tara handled everything grace + poise. I mean this whole heartedly when I say I could NOT have done it without Tara. We worked together seamlessly even though I was located in Dallas the entire time. I owe Tara every special moment + fond memory I have from my wedding day. Special shoutout to Dani for jumping in on the wedding day to be everyone's cheerleader and BFF! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything Tara. We love ya!

“Tara is the most put together, well spoken + badass human I've ever met.”

- Bethany & tim

Tara is organized, sweet, knowledgeable and proactive about meeting deadlines and meeting with us whenever we were in town. She's also not afraid to advocate for us when needed. For example, our venue tried to pressure us into setting up the bar in a different location than what was originally agreed upon a few days before the wedding, and Tara stood up for us and insisted that the bar be set-up where we wanted it to be. It also helps that she has a great eye for design so I trusted her with her recommendations whenever I wasn't sure about where and how to set things.

“We couldn't have pulled off our crazy wedding in Nevada without Tara's help.”

- cat & dru


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Talk about your list here and embed your newsletter opt in below! Crucifix kale chips vinyl tbh cloud bread gochujang jean shorts stumptown.

get this exclusive thing